Common Causes of Truck Accidents

Commercial trucks such as big rigs as well as delivery trucks present certain dangers to smaller cars and the passengers within. Truck drivers do not only have to know the dangers that the large and unwieldy vehicles present, but other drivers have to use extra care in their presence as well. Seemingly minor driving mistakes, such as failing to signal prior to passing, can cause catastrophe when an 18-wheeler is involved, particularly at high speeds.

Following are a few common cases that can contribute to or cause commercial truck accidents. Talk to a truck accident attorney for more information.

Passenger Vehicle Drivers Causing Truck Accidents

Drivers of passenger vehicles frequently are responsible for traffic collisions with huge rigs or other huge commercial trucks. The most popular type of dangerous act committed by vehicle drivers who get in crashes with huge trucks has got to do with unawareness of the performance capabilities of a truck, like limits linked with visibility, acceleration, and braking.

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Common dangerous acts done by car drivers near large trucks, which frequently cause truck accidents, include:

  • Driving within the “No-Zones” — the sites beside and behind a commercial truck where a truck driver has zero or limited visibility.
  • Changing lanes suddenly in front of the truck.
  • Maneuvering to a truck’s right that is turning right.
  • Misjudging an upcoming truck’s speed at a crossing, and turning left in front of a truck.
  • Merging incorrectly into traffic, resulting in a truck to brake or maneuver quickly.
  • Failure to speed up or slow down when a truck starts to merge or change lanes.
  • Unsafe passing, mainly passing with not enough headway.
  • Passing a truck, and then being driven out of position through cross-wind or air turbulence.
  • Pulling into traffic from a roadside in front of the truck without adequately accelerating.
  • Driving between big trucks.
  • Abandoning a vehicle within a travel lane, or not getting a disabled car entirely off the street and to the shoulder.

The FMSCA offers a Safety section with resources and guidelines for commercial truck drivers as well as other motorists.

Commercial Truck Drivers Causing Truck Accidents

truck accidents
Truck accidents on the road.

Commercial truck drivers are patient and skilled drivers, mostly. On the other hand, aside from the dangers integral in the weight and size of the trucks utilized in commercial shipping and transportation, numerous characteristics innate in the industry can contribute to accidents. These include:

  • Insufficient training as to defensive driving, technique, and safety concerns. Compensation systems that encourage quicker vehicle speeds and extra hours of consecutive operation that’d typically be advisable. Unrealistic expectations and schedules of companies that boost drivers to hurry, regardless of risks involved.

If you have been harmed by a big rig vehicle or commercial truck, you could be entitled to getting compensation. Learn about your rights and speak with a skilled attorney. Fortunately, you can do so for free for the initial case review